Do you get commissions from products you write up for this site?

Nope. I write things up because they're pretty and I like looking at/writing about pretty stuff.

Do you write paid reviews?

No, not ever. If I review a product, you can assume I bought it for my own self and am reviewing it because I like it.

If I ever review a product because someone sent it to me for free, I'll disclose that in the review. (So far, no one has ever sent me anything for free.)

How do you choose the things you feature on the site?

I spend an embarrassing amount of time online, and I pick anything pretty or useful I run across as I trawl the web, basically. Sometimes a merchant emails me about their store, and if I like something from the store, I'll feature it, and if not, not. Sometimes readers email me something they like, which I love. If you have a suggestion for a store or product you think I should feature, write me at windowshoppist [at] gmail [dot] com.

Do you make money on this site?

So far, I have made one dollar and thirty-six cents from people clicking on my Google ads. So, uh, mostly no. I am an Amazon affiliate, so if you buy something from there via a link from my site, they give me a little moolah. In theory.

Hey! Your site said [item x] costs $11, but when I clicked on the link, I found the item ACTUALLY costs $10.84. Why aren't you more accurate?

Because typing all the cents out would drive me crazy, plus I would get it slightly wrong half the time, thus rendering your lives even more confusing. So instead, I round. I generally round up. Sometimes I feel guilty rounding up on something that's like, $1.03, so I round down instead. This is one of the many differences between me and a real journalist.

Hey! I clicked a link and it doesn't work!

Unforch, stores change their links all the time. I double-test links when I put them up, but once the store changes it, the link dies. If you're in love with the product and need another source, shoot me an email and I'll try to help you find it.

Hey! You didn't post anything today!

I try to post something every weekday (and weekends when I have extra time), but sometimes life gets in the way. If I haven't posted something in a couple of days, assume I had a huge research project to finish and I'll be back ASAP, probably with a bunch of extra posts to make up for my absence. Because I'm Catholic like that.

Do you accept advertisements?

Totally. Right now, you can purchase above-the-fold advertisements by going through the BlogHer Advertising Network, and can purchase below-the-fold advertisements by contacting me directly at windowshoppist@gmail.com.

I sell a product and it's not available for purchase online. Will you write up my product?

Probably not, because I'm all about teh convenience, and I assume my readers are too.

What kind of materialistic freak are you to spend all day thinking about shopping?

A huge materialistic freak. I thought that was obvious.

What do you do when you're not writing this website?

I try to pacify my cats, and when that doesn't work and they destroy another piece of furniture, I wail "this is why we can't have nice things!" Sometimes I hang out with Mr. Shoppista. Also, I teach undergraduates and work on my Ph.D.

Can I hire you to write/edit/proofread something for me?

Yes. This is how Shoppista pays for her shoes. Email me.